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Ocean of Space

“The Ocean of Space piece by Art Impactful is hands down one of the coolest gifts I have ever received.  A friend gave it to me for my birthday, with a a short and sweet added message which makes it feel extra special every time I gaze into it. The print and frame are both high quality, and I get compliments on it all the time because nobody has really seen an art piece like this before!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Charlie Cramer
 Verified Buyer 


In an age where living spaces should be a canvas for personal expression, too many walls are stuck with repetitive and mass produced art pieces that blend into the noise of the mundane. While many continue to settle for common, machine-made art that lacks personality, the true joy of having a unique piece of wall art is often missed. Settling for conventional and impersonal wall art often leads to a yearning for authenticity and for the profound emotional connection that truly original and human made art blossoms.

Step into a world where wall art is more and discover the “Ocean of Space", a truly unique piece of art blending the twin mysteries of the universe where the vastness of space meets the depths of the ocean. Created by a real, independent artist, Ocean of Space excites the imagination, offering a seamless blend of the universe's two most awe-inspiring landscapes on a top quality, ready to hang frame. Experience the joy of true artistry, elevating everyday moments into a voyage of connection, reflection and appreciation.



✅ PROVIDES AN EXPERIENCE: Ocean of Space captures a unique journey that  transcends known boundaries of earth. Like gazing into the night sky or deep sea, enjoy the beautiful balance of intricate details engulfed by natural expanse.

DISPLAYS HARMONY: Observe an astronaut floating gently next to a curious octopus, while a sleek shark glides past planets and stars. Ocean of Space displays a symphony of elements creating wonder and a lure to dive deeper into the canvas.

CONVENIENTLY FRAMED: Professionally framed in gorgeous, sturdy, wood-like frames made from fine art resin, and ready to hang with hanging notch pre-installed. Gift ready right out of the box, making decorating eco-friendly, easy and hassle-free.

FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOUR $: Art Impactful supports sustainable production facilities and real, professional human artists. Feel good supporting sustainable and authentic art creation, something that is fundamentally beautiful to human existence.


We understand how cheap, mass produced wall art can leave us feeling a lack of authenticity and wonder. It can feel uninteresting and boring staring at the same decoration everyone's seen on plenty of their peers’ walls. In fact, the global wall art market is valued at over $60 billion - largely dominated by a few big players repeatedly printing similar pieces.

Make a difference, be unique, and enjoy authentic art daily with the Ocean of Space! Gaze into a blend of 2 beautiful mysteries co-existing, and be one of the few to stargaze amongst whales and sharks at any moment. Enjoy a newfound connection to and appreciation of wall art with this one-of-a-kind piece from Art Impactful.


Add custom text to your piece for free!

This is one of our customer's favorite features, as it allows each piece to be even more unique and personalized. 

  • Add a favorite quote (ex: “Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” - Van Morrison
  • Purchasing as a gift? Add a heartfelt message. 
  • Add a short question or goal, and see it as a subtle reminder and form of motivation each day.

This is where custom text will appear on your print.


✅ 16 x 24 canvas

✅ We save-the-trees and use fine art resin to make our gorgeous, sturdy, wood-like frames. They are always perfectly squared and feel fantastic to the touch with real wood feel, grooves and all.

✅ Fast and free shipping

✅ Gift ready right out of the box